Capsule Studios | Portraits

Sitting Fee:

$35.00 (1 to 3 Person)

$45.00 (4 to 6 Person)

$55.00 (6 or More)

Studio Sessions: 1 or 1.5 hour

Site Shoots: 1 or 2 hour

Site Selections: Customer's Choice (Some sites require a fee)


All Portraits have a 7% Tax rate added to them upon checkout!!!

Platinum Portrait Package (Three pose selections)

1-20x30 (Single Pose)

1-11x14 (Single Pose)

6-8x10 (2) of Each

6-5x7 (2) of Each

3-4x6 (1) of Each

32 Wallets (8 of Each/All of One)

1-3x3 Accordion Folio

2-Key Chains (Two Poses)

3-2" Square Magnets (1) of Each

1- White or Black Coffee Mug (Single Pose)

Unlimited Download & Share from Client Access 

Gold Portrait Package (Two pose selections)

1-16 x 20 (Single Pose)

1-11x14 (Single Pose)

4-8x10 (2) of Each

6-5x7 (2) of Each

4-4x6 (2) of Each

32 Wallets (16 of Each/ALL of One)

2-2" Square Magnet of Each

Unlimited Download & Share from Client Access

Silver Portrait Package (Two pose selection)

2- 11x14 (1) of Each

4-8x10 (2) of Each

4-5x7 (2) of Each

4-4x6 (2) of Each

24 Wallets (12) of Each

2-2.5x2.5 Key chain (1) of Each 

Unlimited Download from Client Access

Bronze Portrait Package (Single Pose Selection)





12 Wallets

1-2.5x2.5 Key Chain

Unlimited Download from Client Access

Headshot Portrait Package(3 Pose/2 Outfit)

3-Wallets (Set of4)
Unlimited Download and Share from Client Access


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